Hi. My name is Leo Wurmbrand

My name is Leo Wurmbrand. I was born in 2005 (14 Years old) in Connecticut. I currently live in Austria and in Massachusetts. Some of my hobbies are taking photos, rock climbing, playing the violin, hanging out with my pet birds and creating websites and website designs. I am interested in different languages, including French, Russian and Dutch. I am also interested in IT (Information Technology) and graphic design and architecture.
3 years ago, I started creating websites with iWeb and EverWeb. I realized I wanted more than what those apps could give me. I wanted to learn HTML. I joined a class, but only learnt how to create a HTML document. The rest I taught myself at home with the help of w3schools.com. I left the class and created my website.

Why you should hire me

I am a creative and smart individual. I am great at thinking logically and analyzing situations. I am a great team member; I bring new great ideas to the table and I work well with others. I am great at designing presentations and handouts, and I am good at presenting.